SLA reading group

Started in fall 2018, the Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Reading Group includes members from the Applied Linguistics and the Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures departments. We hold bi-weekly meetings to read, discuss, and critique current literature (empirical and theoretical) connected to SLA, psycholinguistics, and usage-based approaches. The primary goal is to develop both a broader and deeper understanding of these approaches and how they inform current SLA research; additionally, the group seeks to support and refine analytical approaches related to members’ ongoing research projects. No prior training or experience is required to join this group. New members are welcome! Please contact Alex Magnuson ( for more information.

Articles discussed so far:

Spring 2019

Gilquin, G., Granger, S., & Paquot, M. (2007). Learner corpora: The missing link in EAP pedagogy. Journal of English for Academic Purposes6(4), 319-335.

Malone, J. (2018). Incidental vocabulary learning in SLA: Effects of frequency, aural enhancement, and working memory. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 1-25.

Fall 2018

Degani, T., Prior, A., & Hajajra, W. (2018). Cross-language semantic influences in different script bilinguals. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition21(4), 782-804.

Suzuki, Y., & DeKeyser, R. (2017). Effects of distributed practice on the proceduralization of morphology. Language Teaching Research21(2), 166-188.

Tsai, M. H. (2018). The effects of explicit instruction on L2 learners’ acquisition of verb–noun collocations. Language Teaching Research

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Wolter, B., & Yamashita, J. (2018). Word Frequency, Collocational Frequency, L1 Congruency, and Proficiency in L2 Collocational Processing: What Accounts for L2 Performance?. Studies in Second Language Acquisition40(2), 395-416.

Wu, X., Munro, M. J., & Wang, Y. (2014). Tone assimilation by Mandarin and Thai listeners with and without L2 experience. Journal of Phonetics46, 86-100.